With the rapid increase in globalization over the last decade, coupled with tremendous advancements in information technology, businesses are having to work smarter than ever to stay competitive and grow profits.

By partnering with MicroSourcing, you can improve your business efficiencies and service quality, all while saving up to 70% on labor and operating costs.

If you get it right, you can bring on the talent you need to move forward, at up to 70% less. And with no additional up-front investment.

That leaves you free to invest the savings where you can achieve the greatest return—maximizing your core offering through product research, innovation, marketing, increased production, business growth and market expansion.

Save up to 70% on employment costs

If you’re like most businesses, you already know, without looking, that your biggest expense is labor. So minimizing labor costs is the quickest way to positively impact your bottom line.

Reduce Cost

It has always been difficult to save on labor without undermining quality and productivity. Right up until just a few years ago, there wasn’t a lot you could do to increase profits, outside of better management, productivity and tools, and you’ve probably already optimized these operational aspects of your business. So additional cost efficiencies are now harder to find.

Fortunately, offshoring has opened up an exciting new opportunity for you to significantly lower your labor costs. The cost of living in the Philippines is much lower than in Western countries. Because of this, hiring talent in the Philippines can result in you saving up to 70% on employment costs - for the same talent and output quality.

Grow without CAPEX

With MicroSourcing, you don’t have to make all the big, up front investments that are typically associated with rapid growth. Everything’s part of your fixed monthly fee – office space, infrastructure, recruitment fees, the lot. So growth is essentially an OPEX item, rather than a CAPEX item.

Indirect cost savings

If you employ locally, what happens when you grow faster than expected, and you need to move to a bigger office? The investment you made in your previous office fit-out goes to waste and the move to your new office causes your business to grind to a halt.

Or what if you need to scale down? It’s near impossible to reduce the term or scope of your office lease. And even if you could, what do you do with all the extra IT infrastructure?

With MicroSourcing, you don’t have to worry about any of this. If your offshore team needs a bigger office, we handle it. No wasted fit-out costs, no downtime. And if you need to scale down, we handle that too – with none of the inefficiencies and sunk costs.

Either way, you simply continue paying a monthly fee, on a per seat basis.

The strongest offshoring provider in the Philippines

Founded in 2006, MicroSourcing pioneered offshoring in the Philippines, and we’re still the largest and most experienced provider in the region. We have more than 400+ active clients and 6,000+ employees and we operate within purpose-built, class-A facilities that are strategically located for access to Manila’s most talented people. We’re backed by our Australian parent company Probe and we’re ISO certified.

Case Studies

Manage unexpected growth
Manage unexpected growth

A large trade tool supplier in Australia was experiencing some major resourcing challenges when their business started to experience unplanned exponential growth.

Beginning with hiring two offshore full-time team members, their team now consists of 23 full-time offshore team members ranging from digital marketers, customer service and logistics assistant, content managers, data analysts and graphic designers. The client successfully utilized outsourcing to scale their eCommerce offering and achieved the following results:

  • 200% increase in conversion rates
  • 300% increase in website traffic
  • 1000% increase in sales.
Improve quality
Improve quality, productivity and business efficiencies

Having invested heavily in onshore talent for their key business areas, a leading Australian firm wanted to explore offshoring other roles and departments in a bid to grow profits, improve quality and increase efficiency.

Since mid-2014, when they recruited three accountants and one data analyst, the client has grown a sizable team of offshore employees. They now have 18 staff based in the Philippines with MicroSourcing.

The offshoring of this team is playing a key role in the client’s success, with productivity increases of 34% and reductions in associated administrative costs of 50%. The impact of the offshore team is reflected in the increased customer satisfaction that goes with providing fast, accurate and efficient service.

Improve staff retention and morale
Improve staff retention and morale

As one of Canada’s leading payment providers, the client offers a range of payment products and services to help support retail businesses through every stage of growth. They wanted to focus on improving their performance management procedures to help maintain high employee morale and staff retention.

The client grew from 18 full-time employees in 2014 to 78 in 2020, with consistently low attrition rates due to a maintained focus on performance management measures and continuous improvement with team management.

The growth in staff numbers has allowed the client’s program to expand from sales and support to include other lines of business, including customer service, intermediate sales and web design.

The above real-world examples illustrate outsourcing’s benefits in practice and how organizations can achieve business goals and grow sustainably by collaborating with the right outsourcing provider.

How much could you save by offshoring?

Contact us to chat about the next steps. We’re always happy to answer questions and we’d be pleased to recommend a solution that will reduce costs for your business. If you’d like to learn more about offshoring, sign-up to our free Offshoring Certification Course so you can start creating your offshoring strategy.